1. zerolabarre:

    The schooner ADVENT is seen after being wrecked on the bar 16 Feb. 1913. The wind failed as she attempted to cross the Coos Bay bar. Grounding on the spit, no tug in the area was powerful enough to get her free and the above was the result after the eight man crew was removed.

    431 G.t./399 N.t., 151.5’ x 35’ x 12.6’ Schooner
    Blt. 1901, Northbend, OR., by and for Simpson Lumber Co. 
    Wrecked on Coos Bay Bar
    16 Feb. 1913
    All hands saved.

    Original photo from the archives of Saltwater People Historical Society. Reblogged with permission. Go check out their website, it is packed with maritime history gems.

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  2. De stranding van de Kruiser Hildebrand

    Translated from Dutch:
    The former German cruiser SMS Hildebrand. It was on December 19, 1919 behind the tug Pole on the way to Rotterdam as booty commissioned by the victors to be scrapped. The ship hit the tug and stranded on the quiet beach of Scheveningen.

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  3. arsvitaest:

    Wrecked at St Ives, Cornwall

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  4. SS Brodland

    On the 20th January 1913, the steamship Brodland left Port Talbot Docks bound for Punta Arenas in Chile with 2,500 tons of Welsh coal.  She was being assisted and under tow by the tug Emily Charlotte due to heavy seas and a gale force wind.  In a sudden squall, the tow-line parted and the Brodland was driven ashore on the sandy beach close to Aberavon’s North Pier.

    All forty-two members of the crew were brought safely ashore by the local Life Saving Apparatus Team led by Captain Humphrey Jones and helped by the many workmen who had rushed to the beach to give assistance. Amongst the crew was a local man, F.L. James, the ship’s carpenter and last ashore was the master Captain Vernon A. Scott. The literal translation of her destination port, Punta Arenas, is Sandy Beach but Aberavon was not the one her owners had in mind.

    The Brodland was built in 1891 by Craig, Taylor & Co. at Stockton on Tees.  She was launched as the Highland Mary but was re-named when she was purchased by the Brodland Steamship Company in 1912.  After the grounding she became a total wreck and was later broken up for scrap.  Her anchor is still on display outside the Aberavon Lifeboat Station.

  5. "Ten days later the captain comes ashore in the breeches buoy…"


  6. inothernews:

    This is what it looks like when a container ship runs aground atop a coral reef and starts to list, dangerously, threatening not just to spill over its cargo — about 70 containers have gone overboard already — but also the fuel in its hold, some of which has already made its way to the shores of New Zealand.  A structural crack has appeared in the hull amidship, all the way to the deck, which doesn’t help.

    (Photo of the doomed cargo ship Rena, grounded atop the Astrolabe Reef near Tauranga, New Zealand since Oct. 5, by the Maritime New Zealand Agency via the AP / MSNBC.com)

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  7. German Gunboat SMS Adler

    Overturned on the reef, on the western side of Apia Harbor, Upolu, Samoa, soon after the March 1889 Apia cyclone.

    Note her battered hull, well for hoisting propeller, rescue bouy mounted on her stern, and decorative windows painted on her quarters.

    Adler before the Hurricane

    More Damage Views

  8. Sailing ship Chance, aground at Bluff, NZ 1902

    showing wind powered electric generator

    The old “Chance”, as man of war, merchantman, and whaler for over one hundred years. In her last resting place. Bluff, N.Z. Dry plate glass negative Reference No. 1/1-001999-G De Maus Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library, National Library of New Zealand

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  9. craigpeterlow:

    The sailboat Le Papillon cruising from Baltimore to Maine ran aground off the shore of Saltaire,  Fire Island, New York.  The crew of three abandoned the boat and made it to shore.  The boat suffered major hull damage and the steel boat will be cut apart and removed from the beach.  The vessel has made several trips throughout the world and it’s an unfortunate end.

    For more information and history of Fire Island ship wrecks  —http://tinyurl.com/3nxvp97

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  10. greatestgeneration:

    Ship beached 18 Nov 1942


  11. William Howard Case’s picture of the Canadian Pacific Railroad steamer C.P.R. Co. S.S. Princess May after she hit a reef off Sentinel Island, Alaska on August 5, 1910. After the tide ran out, the ship was stranded on the reef for nearly a month before being removed with tugboats. Picture taken on April 8, 1910.

    From the Frank and Frances Carpenter Collection at the Library of Congress

  12. mpdrolet:

    American Barque “Jane Tudor,” Conway Bay, c.1855

    David Johnson

  14. Skidby - 1905

    This photograph shows the steamship Skidby held captive by the sands of Sable Island. Within a few months her hull was ripped apart by the waves leaving only her boilers visible.

    Photo credit: Maritime Museum of the Atlantic