1. SS Coonanbara, ca. 1862-1866 / watercolour by Frederick Garling

  2. Man on board the SS Mariposa in Sydney Harbour; circa 1930’s

    SS Mariposa was a luxury ocean liner launched in 1931; one of four ships in the Matson Lines “White Fleet” which included SS Monterey, SS Malolo and SS Lurline. It was later renamed the SS Homeric.

  4. HMS Mersey

    Humber-class, 1,260t, c. 1914, 9 kts, 140 crew

    Königsberg action 1915
    Mar 1915, Jun 1915-Dec 1917, Malta, East Africa

    Sold 1921 for scrap

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  5. RMS Oronsay

    RMS (later s.s.) Oronsay was a passenger liner of 27,632 grt built by Vickers Armstrong’s Barrow Yard and delivered to her owners, Orient Steam Navigation in 1951.

    Her delivery had been delayed by some 8 weeks due to a fire on board whilst she was fitting out. She was employed on the Company’s service from the UK to Australia.

    Following the merger of Orient Line and the P&O, she was absorbed into the P&O fleet in 1960 and changed her livery to the all-white hull in 1964, the first of the ex-Orient Liners to do so.

    In 1972, the ship was converted to one-class accommodation, with the vessel being increasingly based in Australia for cruising purposes but in 1975 was sold for scrapping in Taiwan and sailed from Southampton for the final time for Australia on August 4th 1975 and after one final cruise from Sydney in September 1975, arrived at Kaohsiung in October for breaking up.

    This photograph is from a postcard and shows the vessel alongside at the port of Kobe.

  6. HMS Argonaut; WW1 Cruiser

    Photographs brought back from Hong Kong in 1900.

  8. Imperial Japan’s 1904–05 war against Tsarist Russia changed the global balance of power. The first war to be widely illustrated in postcards, the Japanese view of the conflict is presented in images from the Leonard A. Lauder Collection of Japanese Postcards at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

    article: ASIA RISING: Japanese Postcards from the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905)

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  9. theniftyfifties:

    Tony Curtis

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  10. allthingsfinnish:

    Would you like a very cold beer?

    Vintage Poster
    Albert Andersson 1952

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  11. TMV Dorset; New Zealand Shipping

  12. On board Chichibu Maru going to Japan, June 1931

    In the center are Prince and Princess Takamatsu who were returning from a world tour.

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    Built: 1930 Yokohama Dock Co., Yokohama, Japan
    Operator: Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK)
    Speed: 19 kn
    Passengers: 817

    Built for Yokohama - San Francisco run.
    In 1942 she became a transport ship for the Japanese Navy and was also used as a hospital ship.
    On 04-28-1943, while on a voyage from Manila to Singapore she was torpedoed and sunk by the US submarine Gudgeon.

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  14. - Sailings May-September 1954 -
    aboard the Milwaukee Clipper

    Wisconsin & Michigan Steamship Company

  15. - Sailings May-September 1949 -
    aboard the Milwaukee Clipper

    Wisconsin & Michigan Steamship Company