1. Block print by Rockwell Kent from N by E
     Weslayan University Press, 1930.

    BOOK REVIEW by Allison Hart Lengyel

  2. Blast from the past: SNCF’s Compiègne

    The day of the launch: 7 March 1958

  3. Deckplans on hhvferry.com

    full size

  4. cowsinartclass72:

    Wade Miller - Nightmare Cruise
    Ace D-518, 1961

    (via greatgrottu)

  8. vintage postcard: Scrubbing Down (1907-1908)

  9. The Ship I Love / composed by Felix McGlennon

    "I’ll stick to the ship, lads, you save your lives"

    c. 1893

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  10. The Cap Arcona was a large German luxury ocean liner, formerly of the Hamburg-South America line. It transported passengers between Germany and South America up until 1940 when it was taken over by the German Navy.

    Late in the war it was used for the evacuation of Germans from East Prussia. While heavily-laden with prisoners from Nazi concentration camps, she was sunk in 1945 by the Royal Air Force. Most of the passengers died, and the sinking of the Сap Arcona was one of the biggest single-incident maritime losses of life of the war, and as such one of the largest maritime losses of life in history, with about 5,000 victims.

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    Cap Arcona, 1927  (Hamburg Süd Group)

  12. Steam Tugboat Bahada being ‘kept-up’ - Built in 1903, the Spreckles-owned 132-ton steam tugboat is high and dry on the shores of San Diego’s North Island; workmen caulk her hull to prevent water leakage.

    Original (1331 x 730)

  13. Lord Charles Beresford (1846-1919)

    British Admiral of the Mediterranean and Channel Fleets and Member of Parliament

    J . Cosmas Vintage Photography