1. The Picton Castle is a is a fully certified and registered tall ship whose mission is deep-ocean sail training and long distance education. The Picton Castle is perhaps best known for her World Circumnavigations, though she has visited the Great Lakes twice, sailed numerous times on tours on the East Coast of the Americas, completed a Caribbean Voyage and in 2008 sailed to Europe, Africa and the Caribbean on a Voyage of the Atlantic. In 2012 she will once again embark on a year-long Voyage of the Atlantic. The Picton Castle’s home port in Canada is historic Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, but she is registered in the Cook Islands in the South Pacific.



    Picton Castle

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    Maritime Failures Video

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         artist: Ray Caesar


    sweet victory

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    American brig in floating dock
    Port Chalmers 1870s
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    So much love for this rock video from Zoe Boekbinder.

    WARNING: Contains probably-work-safe naked people.

    Zoe Boekbinder - Salt water

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    ” Glasgow to Canada “

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    Butler Parker 128 (by micky the pixel)

    Butler Parker / Heft-Reihe
    GünterDönges / 
    Parker Demontiert den “Wassermann”

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    Date unknown

    A woman consoles a orangutan on a cruise ship.

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  15. 1946: Inquisitive visitor to HMAS AUSTRALIA II inspects gear on a platform behind the bridge

    "A Melbourne visitor a enjoys a good sticky-beak at some of the electronics on a platform behind the flagship’s bridge."