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  1. "Where the Heart Is" - Life magazine 1918

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    and everything else too: Gordon Laite’s Art to Tremble By

    “More Tales to Tremble By” from 1968 was Whitman Publishing’s second collection of great haunting and suspenseful horror stories (see also “Tales to Tremble By” 1966.) And though the first collection contains a well chosen assortment of classic terrors by the luminary likes of Bierce, Dickens, Irving, Stoker etc., it’s actually the second collection that really screams out from beyond the grave with demonic delights from some of my own personal favorites— Saki, Asquith, Hodgson, Derleth, and the supreme master of all horror, M. R. James! Great writing aside, this collection also rises well above the first with the much more evocative, beautifully eerie, horrifyingly hypnotic illustrations by Gordon Laite. Here now is a small sampling of highlights from this fantastically frightening book, (and edited by Stephen P. Sutton.)

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  7. И вновь пополнение в моей коллекции “Блокадных открыток”. Впервые в мою коллекцию попала открытка 1942-го года

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  8. Le Grand Serpent de Mer - 1936 Illustrator: René Giffey

  9. inside book cover: Svijet oko Nas A children’s encyclopedia first published in Yugoslavia in 1960 (18 images)

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  10. Boat and Birds

    Large (1024 x 685)
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  11. enigmatic 1960s uk  found photo

    Original (1820 x 1312)
  13. Bow view… HMS Warrior drydocked

    Original (1984 x 1488)

      -photo by umbry101

    HMS Warrior was the first iron-hulled, armour-plated warship, built for the Royal Navy in response to the first ironclad warship, the French La Gloire, launched a year earlier.

    When completed in October 1861, Warrior was by far the largest, fastest, most heavily armed and most heavily armoured warship the world had ever seen. She was almost twice the size of La Gloire and thoroughly outclassed the French ship in speed, armour, and gunnery.

    Her construction started an intense international competition between guns and armour that did not end until air power made battleships obsolete in the Second World War. HMS Warrior became an early example of the trend towards rapid battleship obsolescence and was withdrawn as a fighting unit in May 1883. Listed as part of the National Historic Fleet, Core Collection, she is now a museum ship in Portsmouth, United Kingdom.

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