1. Engine Room: HMS Colossus 1945

    HMS Colossus (R15) aircraft carrier of the British Royal Navy

    She was commissioned in 1944, but was not used for combat flying in World War II. She served with the British Pacific Fleet in 1945–46, as an aircraft transport and repatriation ship.

    In 1946, she was transferred to the French Navy, and renamed Arromanches.

    Arromanches participated in the First Indochina War in three campaigns from 1948 to 1954, and the Suez Crisis of 1956. In 1968 she was converted to an anti-submarine warfare carrier.

    Decommissioned 1974 and broken up in 1978.

  2. HMS Colossus, 1st Class Battleship

    HMS Colossus (1882) - The second ship to bear the name HMS Colossus was a Colossus class second-class British battleship, launched in 1882 and commissioned in 1886.

    She had a displacement of 9,520 tons, and an armament of 4 × 12-inch breechloaders, 5 × 6-inch guns and had a respectable speed of 15.5 knots. She served in the Mediterranean Fleet, from her commission in 1886 to 1893 when she then became a Coastguard ship.

    Sold 1908 and broken up.


  6. Mystery of the Coffin Ship - Chums Annual 1923 - An adventure book for children in illustrated serial form. Published by Cassell & Company, London

    original (2204 x 3058)

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    Carlos Schwabe - La Mort 1900

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  10. Hull Abstract

    Taken from the pilot boat at the entrance to the Houston Ship Channel

    - photo by OneEighteen -

    -Original (1623 x 1080)-

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    Nancy Drew, painted with gouache and cel-vinyl on watercolor paper. 

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    World Map Carpets by Area Pavimenti

    Must have.

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