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    Nancy Drew, painted with gouache and cel-vinyl on watercolor paper. 

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    World Map Carpets by Area Pavimenti

    Must have.

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    G.I. Combat #87, May 1961.

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  11. Monitor Smertsch; RU (1864)

  13. US Navy Ship Postcard, US Receiving Ship Reina Mercedes, Pre WWI

    Reina Mercedes, a 3042-ton Alfonso XII class cruiser, was launched at Cartagena, Spain, in September 1887. By 1898, she had become nearly inoperational and was stationed in Cuban waters. During the Spanish-American War, she acted as guardship at Santiago. Partially disarmed to provide guns for coast-defense batteries, she was scuttled to block the Santiago harbor entrance following the great naval battle of 3 July 1898. Raised by the US Navy following the war, she became the USS Reina Mercedes. Never restored to operational condition, the ship was converted to a barracks ship. From 1912 until she was scrapped in 1957, she served as station ship at the US Naval Academy.
    Naval Historical Center

    The sunken Reina Mercedes in the channel at Santiago de Cuba

  14. US Navy Ship Postcard, US Battleship “Georgia”, 1906

    USS Georgia (BB-15): launched by the Bath Iron Works of Bath, Maine on 11 October 1904, commissioned at Boston Navy Yard on 24 September 1906.

    Georgia sailed with the fleet for target practice in Cape Cod Bay. On 15 July, a powder charge ignited prematurely in her aft 8 in (200 mm) turret, killing 10 officers and men and injuring 11.

    Part of the Great White Fleet; Sold for scrap on 1 November 1923 in accordance with the Washington Naval Treaty for the limitation of naval armaments


  15. Mac Raboy
    1914 ~ 1967
    5 Dr. Voodoo stories from Whiz Comics ~ 1940-41 (more)

    Golden Age Comic Book Stories