1. decoarchitecture:

    Orient Line, Sydney, Australia
    from the State Library of New South Wales

    Cruise line office in Sydney, 1930s.

    From the archive:

    The Orient Line had a building in Spring St, Sydney. Find out more about its deco style at Discover Collections: Temples of Commerce.

  3. Travel Poster (Industrial Bank of China, Circa 1920) French

    subscription poster for a “peace loan” that could be subscribed to at the Industrial Bank of China, which had it’s international headquarters in Paris.

    By 1922, the Ambassador of France, M. Philippe Berthelot, would be forced into a ten year retirement by his brother’s actions (he was a director) at the bank, which led to the bank closing in that year.

  4. vintage postcard - Böse Buben gelaufen 1918

  5. The Amerika of Hamburg America Line at the Prince of Wales Pier, Dover

    Amerika was built for the HAPAG New York service in 1905. She was built by Harland & Wolff in Belfast, whose owner Lord Pirrie had a major interest in the Hamburg America Line. She was seized by the USA in 1917, and renamed America. Initially used as a troopship, she was passed to the United States Lines in 1921. She was badly damaged by fire in 1926, and scrapping was considered. She ailed again from 1927-31, and was then laid up. Rebuilt in 1942 (with only one funnel) and used as the US Army transport Edmund B.Alexander until 1949. She was broken up in 1958.

  6. Seed Catalogue (1897)
    Robert Evans & Co., Ontario, Canada

  11. Detail of the cover of a 1924 sailing schedule issued by Rud. Christ. Gribel, a Stettin shipping company. Willy Stöwer (1864-1931) was a well-known German painter of maritime motifs.

    Rud. Christ. Gribel (Germany) Sailings May-October 1924 Aboard Regina

  13. West Bay, Rothsay (i.e. Rothesay), Scotland

     Photochrom print, Color c. 1890-1900

  14. The HUMBOLDT

    In 1897, Seattle mayor, W.D.Wood and associates, chartered the new wooden steamer HUMBOLDT, laid down at Eureka, CA, as a lumber-carrying steam schooner, but completed as a passenger and freight steamer.

    The mayor deserted city hall to enter the Alaska steamship and mining business, departing for St. Michael aboard the HUMBOLDT. A large percentage of the city’s fire and police departments’ personnel also joined the gold rush, leaving municipal government in a somewhat more chaotic state than usual.