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    You, uh, you got a lil’ somethin’ there…

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    A swimming class in New South Wales

  3. Water Wench Wednesday now on Scuttlefish

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    “The kachido, “walking people”, dive in shallow water, usually from the shore, and toss their catch in a floating wooden tub; the funado, “ship people”, older and more experienced, dive in deeper water from an anchored boat.” (Luis Marden, National Geographic, 1971)

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    Three young women posing in swimsuits and wearing their swimming competition medals

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    Bebe Daniels * in Swim Girl, Swim [Paramount, 1927; presumed lost] 


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    Postcard circa 1908

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    People swimming in a frozen lake in Scandinavia. (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images). February 1972

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    Like a pair of migratory swans, we traversed the solitary waves.

    Gustave Doré, from Atala, by François-René de Chateaubriand, New York, 1889.

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  13. Hastings Humour  vintage postcard

    artist: Donald McGill

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    North Avenue Beach, Chicago by Yasuhiro Ishimoto 1952

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  15. Duke Kahanamoku - The legendary Hawaiian won three Olympic gold medals and two silvers in swimming and is considered the father of modern surfing. Above: Kahanamoku in 1912.

    LIFE magazine

    hmm, water must be kinda cold.