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    Woman dressed as a Christmas tree on a Southern California beach - 1936

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    Two unknown women, date and photographer unknown.

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    vintage postcard c. 1900’s

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    Beach beauty

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  10. Aberdeen - the Silver City with the Golden Sands - 1958 guide book cover

    Aberdeen being bold - the city has always sold itself hard as a holiday centre and, fond as I am of the Granite (Silver) City, the claim made in the guide that statistically it was proven to be milder in winter than the English Midlands and therefore a winter break was in order I could find a wee bit difficult to reconcile with the memories of some rather bitter easterlies coming in off the North Sea and somewhat taking the edge of the Golden Sands!

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    Original (4036 x 5700)
  12. Beach and Bathing Station, Aberdeen. Scotland 1906 - Old postcard of Beach and Bathing Station, now demolished, Aberdeen. Originally posted 1906

  15. A day at the beach - World War I; NCOs and Mannschaften from an unidentified regiment relax on the sand in a no doubt welcome respite from the trenches.

    Original (3276 x 1992)

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