1. The Fire Patrol (Chadwick Pictures, 1924)

    Directed by Hunt Stromberg

    This seafaring melodrama was based on the Harkins and Barber stage play by the same name. His ship capsized in a storm, Captain John Ferguson, his wife, Mary (Anna Q. Nilsson), and their little boy are picked up by a pirate ship manned by the brutal Butch Anderson (Jack Richardson). Anderson thrashes Ferguson, blinding him, and then sets him and his son adrift, keeping Mary on board.

    Mary commits suicide rather than submit to Anderson. Ferguson’s son, Colin (John Harron), grows up and joins the coast fire patrol. He is in love with Molly Thatcher (Madge Bellamy), but Molly’s scheming sister, Emma (Helen Jerome Eddy), wants him for herself.

    Emma seduces Colin just as a fire at sea is breaking out, and because he misses the call, he is disgraced. One of the men rescued is Anderson, and he goes after Molly. Captain Ferguson (played as an old man by Spottiswood Aitken) is able to mete out punishment to his old adversary, and when Emma is shot, Colin and Molly are able to reunite.


  2. Cargo to Capetown (Columbia, 1950)

    In Cargo to CapetownBroderick Crawford plays Johnny Phelan, first mate on a rundown oil tanker captained by his pal Steve Conway (John Ireland). Johnny is willing to look the other way whenever Steve’s larcenous nature comes to surface. But when Steve starts moving in on Johnny’s girl Kitty Mellar (Ellen Drew), it’s more than he can stand. The two men become buddies again during a climactic shipboard fire.  —allmovie.com

  4. And The Ship Sails On (Cinecitta Studios, 1986) French movie poster

    Starring Freddie Jones, Barbara Jefford, Victor Poletti, Peter Cellier, Elisa Mainardi , Norma West, Paolo Paoloni and Maurice Barrier.

    Directed by Federico Fellini.

    In July 1914 a luxury cruise ship leaves Italy with the ashes of a famous opera singer named Tetua. The boat is filled with her friends, opera singers, actors and all kinds of exotic people. Life is sweet the first few days, but on the third day the captain has to save a a large number of Serbian refugees from the sea…  (more)

  5. Tonight’s Nautical Feature screen grab: Name that movie

  6. The Ghost Ship (RKO, 1943). One Sheet

    RKO Producer Val Lewton produced some of the eeriest films from the World War II era. This small film, set aboard a ship, stars Richard Dix as a psychopathic captain who controls his ship to the point of killing some of the crew.

    A contemporary critic called ita tepid potboiler of malfeasance and murder on the high seas.”

    The Ghost Ship (1943) on IMDb 

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  7. Hell Ship Bronson (Gotham, 1928). One Sheet

    Starring Noah Beery, Dorothy Davenport (Mrs. Wallace Reid), Reed Howes, Helen Foster, and James Bradbury Jr.. Directed by Joseph Henabery.

    A ship’s captain, believing that his wife has cheated on him, takes their young son and leaves her. he comes back 20 years later. His wife stows away on his ship when he leaves, hoping to see her son, who is aboard. She takes along with her Mary, the daughter of a woman the captain once loved. Complications ensue. (imdb)

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  8. "Bomb Tokyo with Your Extra Change"

    World War II “$1.00 In War Stamps From Every American Will Build the Mystery Ship…Shangri-La” (U.S. Government Printing Office, 1943). Propaganda Posters

    USS Shangri-La (CV-38) was one of 24 Essex-class aircraft carriers completed during or shortly after World War II for the United States Navy.

    Shangri-La was decommissioned in 1971 and sold for scrap in 1988. She remained in the reserve fleet for the next 11 years, and was stricken from the Naval Vessel Register on 15 July 1982.

    She was retained by MARAD for several years to provide spare parts for the training carrier Lexington. On 9 August 1988, she was sold for scrap and later towed to Taiwan for demolition.

    The naming of the ship was a radical departure from the general practice of the time, which was to name aircraft carriers after battles or previous US Navy ships.

    After the Doolittle Raid, launched from the Hornet, President Roosevelt answered a reporter’s question by saying that the raid had been launched from “Shangri-La”, the fictional faraway land of the James Hilton novel Lost Horizon.

    USS Shangri-La (CV-38) on wikipedia

  9. The Ship That Died of Shame (Rank, 1955) - British Three Sheet

    Starring Richard Attenborough, George Baker, Bill Owen, Virginia McKenna, Roland Culver, and Bernard Lee. Directed by Basil Dearden.

    PT Raiders (1955)
    "The Ship That Died of Shame" (original title)

    A trio of ex-servicemen begin smuggling innocuous black market items into post-war Britain but through greed they graduate to more sinister cargo. (imdb)

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  10. Mystery Ship (Columbia, 1941) movie poster

    FBI agents Allan Harper and Tommy Baker are in charge of a group of subversives, spies and saboteurs that the US government is deporting to foreign countries aboard a ship. The deportees attempt a take over… (imdb)

  11. Ship of Wanted Men (Showmens Pictures, 1933)

    A gang of escaped convicts hijacks a ship and heads for a remote island. On the way they pick up a young woman who’s been shipwrecked. (imdb)

    Starring Dorothy Sebastian, Fred Kohler, Leon Ames, Gertrude Astor, Maurice Black, James Flavin, Jason Robard Sr., and George ‘Gabby’ Hayes. Directed by Lewis D. Collins.

    Ship of Wanted Men (Showmens Pictures, 1933). One Sheet

  12. A Night to Remember (Rank, 1959). British Lobby Cards

    The catastrophic sinking of famed ocean liner RMS Titanic was brought to the big screen in this meticulous re-creation of the tragedy, adapted from the book by Walter Lord.

    Kenneth More, Laurence Naismith, Michael Goodliffe, Tucker McGuire, Anthony Bushell, Honor Blackman, and David McCallum make up part of the huge cast, which featured 200 speaking parts.

  13. A Night to Remember (Rank, 1959)

    Though James Cameron’s blockbuster hit is one of the highest grossing films of all time, A Night to Remember is still considered by many to be the best film about the legendary ocean liner, Titanic.

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    S.S. United States, “protected by World’s greatest lubrication knowledge!” Socony-Vacuum, 1952

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