1. The Sea Hound

    A 15-part series set in the late 1940s that charts the voyage of a group of pirates searching for buried treasure. Everything goes well until Crabbe emerges to wreck their hopes.
    Directed by: Walter B. Eason, Mack V. Wright
    Cast: Buster Crabbe, Jimmy Lloyd, Pamela Blake, Ralph Hodges, Bob Barron

    The Sea Hound (serial)

    Adventures of the Sea Hound was a popular radio show that ran on the Blue Network from 1942 to 1945, Mutual from 1946-47, and ABC in 1948. Between 1942 and 1945, it was produced on behalf of Nelson A. Rockefeller’s Office of Inter-American Affairs (1940-46) and was part of a national program to strengthen inter-American relations.

    Broadcast five times a week, the show featured Captain Silver and his sidekick Jerry hunting Nazi spies throughout the hemisphere. Every episode took place in a different Latin American country.

    Listeners w ere encouraged to write to NBC to request Captain Silver’s Sea Chart - a colorful map of the Americas that informed on the most important products and carried on its border pictures of outstanding heroes and flags of all the Latin America republics. Some 200,000 of such maps were sent out.

    The show spawned a short lived comic book and the 1947 Columbia serial, The Sea Hound, starring Buster Crabbe.

    Listen to episodes at The Internet Archive

  4. mudwerks:

    (via Jean Painleve: Science is Fiction | Le Journal de la Photographie)

    Jean Painlevé (1902-1989) Hippocampes Males, vintage print

  5. Adventure Comics #32 (DC, 1938) 

    First issue (formerly titled New Adventure Comics). Cover by Creig Flessel. Artists include Fred Guardineer, Bob Kane, and Joe Shuster.

  11. S.S. MINNEWASKA; Atlantic Transport Line

    SS Minnewaska (1909), an ocean liner for the Atlantic Transport Line; damaged by a mine from German submarine UC-23 on 29 November 1916 while serving as a troopship; ship was beached but a total loss

  12. SS Minnehaha; Atlantic Transport Line

    April 13, 1912 - Titanic relayed part of the midnight Marconi news service to Minnehaha, eastbound, New York to London, and on the fringe of the Marconi transmitter (M P D) at Poldhu, England.

    Port of Registry: London, England
    Flag of Registry: British
    Length: 600.7 ft.
    Breadth: 65.5 ft.
    Draft (or Depth): 39.5 ft
    Tonnage: 13,443 tons (gross), 8,637 (net)
    Engines: Quadruple expansion, 8 cyl. (2) 30” (2) 43”, (2) 63”, (2) 89” x 60” stroke
    Speed: 16 knots
    Builder: Harland and Wolff, Belfast (Yard No. 329)
    Launched: March 25, 1900
    Maiden Voyage: August 11, 1900
    Disposition:  September 7, 1917; Torpedoed 12 miles from Fastnet off the Irish coast; 42 lost.

    S.S. MINNEHAHA postcard; Tuck