3. jakealoo:

    An early 20th century holiday snap with a note on back:

    “Photo taken on a Loch Lomand steamer. On camp stool my dear wife, with Grace and Wilfred on either side.”

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  4. Adventure Comics # 429, October, 1973

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  5. found photo: sent home to England, probably 1942-3

    On the back, in pencil, it says “To the best Mother in the world xxxx” and then adds, somewhat superfluously, “that’s me on the left”

  6. myvintagevogue:

    Jantzen 1947 / Illustrated by Pete Hawley

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  7. A painter’s a painter! - Punch 1867

    It’s just a matter of scale!

    Punch, the London Magazine of Wit, Satire, Irony and Political Humour; illustrated with numerous woodcut engravings by noted engravers and artists.

  9. Illustration from the series The Cruise Of The Christabel

    The credit reads “Drawn by the Skipper.” From The Boy’s Own Paper, 25th October, 1890.

  13. postcard sent from Highbridge to Liverpool on 30th March, 1907

    Highbridge Wharf was served by coastal vessels carrying coal, timber, cattle feed, bricks, tiles and other commodities which were then distributed inland by the Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway