1. "Hands across the sea" postcard   (1479 x 948)

    "No charm you’ll find in deserts drear
    Or lands of ice and snow
    Whilst dear ones keep their love so rare
    The Homeland must sweeter grow
    Bid farewell then to alien climes
    Nor seek some happier land
    No joys you’ll meet, or, love’s so sweet
    As wait here, with heart and hand.”

    Pencilled message reads:

    "Dear Cousin Mary,
    It is long since we heard from you & we were all glad to hear from you again & hope that you will be able to keep up the correspondence once more. Although my sister is not able to write to you I shall if possible try to do so in her place. Yours in love, Rose.”

  3. Hands across the sea vintage postcard

  6. Hands Across the Sea; vintage postcard

    "Hands Across the Sea" is a military march composed in 1899 by John Philip Sousa

    listen to it on Wikipedia

    The image of joined hands is a common motif on postcards from this time.

    (Source: eightcookies, via generallynautical)

  13. Aberdeen & Commonwealth Line;
    United Kingdom

    Sailings January-December 1931

    Ports of call:
    Southampton, Port Said, Colombo, Fremantle, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane. Calling at Malta on return voyages.

  15. movie poster: In Which We Serve (French)