1. In 1867, the yacht Mignonette was built by Aldhous Successors in Brightlingsea. The Marionette foundered on its way to Australia in 1884.

    In desperation, three of the four shipwrecked crew killed and ate the sickest member.

    The subsequent trial, R. v. Dudley and Stephens, established the common law principle that necessity is not a valid defence against a charge of murder.

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    When a Fella Needs a Friend, There’s Nothing Like a Sea Serpent

    Or his pal, Beany.
    Mattel - we make children happy.

  8. Jersey - Saint Malo Steam Packet; 1829

    The Bristol, Steam-Packet, of 130 Tons and 60 Horse Power, (G. Hernaman, Commander,) leaves Jersey for St. Malo, on Monday next, at 1 o’Clock. Returns on Wednesday; and will take Goods and Passengers, on that or the day following, for Guernsey and Cherbourg.

    Chevalier and Pike, Agents, Jersey, 33, Hill Street. Chronique de Jersey, July 1829

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    …Vintage Boxed Christmas Snow Mica,1940 via  hmdavid….

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    Daughter of the Sea — Waltzes …  Sheet Music, 1903 

    [Sailor Gil Collection]

  12. Evil Under the Sun (1945); A Hercule Poirot Mystery by Agatha Christie

    (US: Pocket, 1945) #285, stated 1st printing, paperback
    Cover art by H. Lawrence Hoffman

  15. Night Boat to Paris (1956) by Richard Jessup

    Cover art by George Ziel (per copyright page)

    (US Dell, 1956) Dell First Edition #92, paperback original, 25¢

    Cover blurb: "Wartime hero — peacetime hood — a two-sided guy on a one-way trip."